Photography Credit: Chasing February Photography 

Photography Credit: Chasing February Photography 


Laura Detering…

Laura Detering grew up in Wheeling, IL. Though just about 30 minutes from Chicago, she rarely visited the large city. Her love for reading began at an early age when she would, starting at 7 years old, walk her little brother to their library a mile away. Spending the entire afternoon in the children's area, they would meticulously choose books they were wanting to take home with them and what books they wanted to read right then and there. She would often fall asleep at night with a book on her chest. Laura also loved to write her own short stories. Her favorites were when she tried to take current legends and fairy tales and rewrite them with a twist. She had this recurring dream, the inspiration for her first novel, all the time as a kid. So often in fact that she actually named it. She knew then that she would someday transcribe that dream into a book to share with everyone.

In middle school and high school Laura had many odd jobs. She worked as a hostess, server, cashier, kiosk girl at the mall, babysitter, and motivation dancer at young teen parties. In the summers, she would add lifeguarding and swim instructor to the mix.

Laura graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005 with degrees in history and secondary education. She has always had a passion for changing the world and working with kids. You might be thinking, why history? To be honest, she HATED the subject in high school and found it really boring. Something just clicked while she was away at school and fell in love with the subject. It’s not about important dates and facts so much as the stories that are there. When she sees an artifact, she wants to know what it was used for and who may have used it. She also loves learning about people and the process around the choices they made.  

A former high school teacher and echocardiographer, Laura has always been driven, but one of her many passions is the arts, ALL of them, but especially singing and dancing. Getting immersed in a good book that can inspire, give hope, help the reader get lost in a new world, and expand the imagination is what she really cherishes in books. One of her main life goals is to write a story that can do even one of those things for someone else.

Laura got married to her husband in 2006. Currently, she is happy staying at home with her two daughters and beginning her writing career.