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The Witch in the Envelope

The first book in The Hellebore Watchers series...

It’s 1998 and seventeen-year-old Lydia (Liddy) Erickson can’t seem to get used to the unwelcome attention that peculiar physical developments from the summer are bringing her. Dedicated to her education and future career, Liddy keeps her inner circle small. Nothing will stop her from moving out of the Chicago suburbs; something she has always felt called to do. However, the new transfer student is stirring up strong desires, a palpable connection tempting Liddy to rethink her goals.

Liddy has always been short on confidence; a people pleaser with a hard time saying no. She learned these traits as a child plagued by night terrors. She struggled silently until one day they simply vanished. As her memories begin to resurface, Nick, a mysterious stranger, approaches Liddy with an outrageous notion that she is a Watcher and the Princess of the realm Cristes Adventus. His claims of secretly protecting Liddy from a vengeful witch—who seeks to use children for her gains— and restoring power to Cristes are suspect when evidence implicates him as the enemy. Can Nick be trusted or is he the one behind the garish night terrors and disappearances that threaten her family and friends? Either way, Liddy is short on time as the disappearances hit closer and closer to home. When Liddy finds a loved one in mortal danger, she must learn to follow her heart’s desires and believe in herself if she is to save them from a fate far worse than death.

Some of My Favorite Authors and Books 

This list is ever expanding. There were many books I read as a child and young teen that I cannot, for the life of me, remember their titles.  Follow me on Goodreads and suggest your favorite books to me!