The Witch in the Envelope Playlist 


During the planning stages of this novel I did not listen to any music. I actually had the TV show Friends on in the background. That changed when I began writing The Witch in the Envelope. I had tucked myself away late in the evenings in my husband's office. I often found my mind becomming easily distracted, wanting to check social media, thinking about the dishes in the sink, wondering if the kids were sleeping well, etc. I thought it might help to have some background noise and boy did it! I pressed play on a premade 90's playlist on Spotify and was transported back in time. 

I quickly made my own playlist of my favorite tunes from middle and high school. The list is long, but I did that on purpose. These songs helped stir up lots of memories and really spurred on and encouraged my writing process. It always amazes me that here we are, 20ish years later, and I can still sing along to most of the songs, the choruses at minimum. It also amazes me how many emotions and memories are tied to music and lyrics. I am not sure if it was the music or not, but when I wrote The Witch in the Envelope, I could see it unfolding in my head and could definitely picture it as a movie. 

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